Plaster Child’s Handprint

plaster hand print

Create a keepsake for years to come! These plaster of Paris hand prints are sure to thrill anyone in the family. All it takes is a few simple materials and a few moments of your time.


Plaster of Paris
Disposable pie tin
Embellishments (optional)
Paint (optional)


1. Mix the dry plaster of Paris and water in an old plastic container. Most plaster of Paris needs to be mixed at a ratio of two to one, but you will want to add more dry plaster and make yours a little thicker for this project. Ideally, an impression should be left in the plaster when you press it with your finger.

2. Transfer the plaster paste to a disposable pie tin, and smooth the top of it with a spoon.

3. Quickly have your child press his or her hand down firmly on the wet plaster for several seconds. Make sure they don’t wiggle their fingers too much, or you might have to start over. After your child has removed his or her hand, a clear imprint should be left on top of the plaster. Wash your child’s hands immediately after they have been removed from the plaster.

4. Cut a straw in half and insert the two halves into the top of the plaster until it goes all the way through the plaster and touches the pie tin.

5. Remove the two straw halves after the plaster has set for several minutes. This will leave two small holes in the top of the plaster.

6. Press embellishments into the plaster before it dries, if you prefer. Some embellishments that you can use include rhinestones, buttons, and marbles.

7. Allow the plaster to dry for at least 24 hours before removing it from the pie tin.

8. After the hand print has been removed, sand away any rough edges.

9. Insert a ribbon into the holes at the top of the plaster, and tie it into a loop. This will be used to hang the hand print.

10. Paint the child’s name or initials, along with the date, on the front of the hand print.

Christmas Ornaments with Beads

bead ornaments

The candy cane ornament is one of the easiest to make with your children. It is fun and exciting to do and it only takes a very short time to create.


6” pieces of wire enough to make as many candy canes as you want. Alternatively, pipe cleaners- depending on the age of the child.
Beads use glass beads for older children and the plastic beads for the younger children who have a problem holding smaller items.
Hooks to place candy canes on tree
Red ribbon (if you desire)


Have each child lay out the number of wires or pipe cleaners they need to make their candy canes.
Next, have each child bend the end of its wire or pipe cleaner into the shape of a J.
Bend the tip of the J upwards so the bead cannot pass beyond that point.
You should assemble a candy cane before you start the project so you will know how many beads you will need of each color. You can put three beads of red then three beads of white alternating or one red and one white alternating. It depends on the size of the beads as to how many you will need. You can make the J longer than 6” if you prefer.
When all the beads are placed on the J then bend the tip over leaving enough space to insert the hook so it can be placed on the tree as an ornament.

This is a fun exercise that can be done with any group of children helping them to make their own candy canes. You can tie a ribbon around the candy cane and make a bow if you want to dress it up.

Felt Ornaments for the Holidays

Felt is very easy to work with and you can use it make beautiful Christmas Ornaments to put on your Christmas Tree, use as a decoration on Wrapped Christmas Present, or give away as a gift to a friend or family member.


  • Red and Green and White Felt pieces (Different sizes is helpful)
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Colorful beads
  • Gold trim used on Christmas Tree’s
  • Ornament Patterns (Find in Children’s coloring books)
  • Red and Green ribbon


Determine what you want to make from your felt pieces such as small ornaments for tree, mini size to use on gifts as decoration, or larger pieces in order to decorate your home.
Larger felt is great to make stockings, candy canes, stars, and reindeer

Stocking Project

Cut out one large Christmas stocking that you can use to hang for holiday decorations. Use white for the top of the stocking. You might want to use marker to put name at top of stocking. Decorate stocking with beads and the gold from the trim.

You can cut out several medium size stockings, decorating them, then connecting them with ribbon or the gold trim and putting them on the fireplace mantel for decorations.
Cut out smaller Christmas Stockings and decorate with beads, trim, or colorful trims put small ribbon on stock and it is ready to hang on the Christmas tree as an ornament.

Christmas tree Ornaments

felt ornaments

Use your smaller patterns to cut out images of stockings, stars, candy canes, tiny bears, etc. decorate with pretty beads or the smaller trim you find to decorate tree. Put a hole in top of ornament and hang on tree. You can link together and put around the tree as a Christmas tree trim.

Christmas Decorations for the Home

Use your felt to cut out different Christmas items and then decorate with your beads, trims, or other things and put on windows, doors, etc. to use as decorations around the house. You can also use the darker red felt to make poinsettia flowers. You might want to use green felt to make the leaves and the beads for the center will off set your flower. You can put these on sticks that you paint and put inside a pot to make it look like a growing plant. Use a regular plant pot or small pail that you paint to match the season.

Christmas Ornaments Painted for Fun and Friends

One of the fun things that you can do is paint Christmas Ornaments and gives them as a gift to family and friends. Today it is very easy to get Plaster (Ceramic Ornaments) at your local retail store or dollar store.


  • Buy Christmas Ornaments at your local retail store or dollar store
  • Those that already have the paint included are the best and save on money.
    You can find individual ornaments at craft shops and then buy the paint separate.

  • Select ornaments that suit the person for instance a small elf for a toddler, or kitten on a box that is gift-wrapped.
  • You can find apples that are for teachers, nurse’s bags, things for beauticians, firefighters, police officers etc. Have fun shopping for the ornaments that will suit the people you are painting them.

  • Buy your acrylic paints in the basic colors that you will need like red, green, white, brown, blue and yellow. Buy extra red and green as it will be used the most.
  • Clear Silicone will help make your ornament shiny.
  • Red and green ribbons


  • This project takes patience and it may take you several days to get all the ornaments painted. You need to wait until each piece is dried before you pick it up.
  • Lay out newspapers to keep your ornaments on while you are painting them.
  • Make sure that you have a particular spot to leave the ornaments so they can dry. You do not want to keep picking up the ornaments after they are painted until they are dry.
  • Colors tend to run together so you might want to paint the red color first, let that dry, then go back, and paint the white or green.
  • Try to stick to no more than three colors per ornament. You will find that some ornaments as candy canes you only need two colors. Paint the red and let it dry. Put tape to cover the red stripes then proceed to paint the white stripe.
  • When all of your Christmas ornaments are painted and dry then you can put a small piece of ribbon through the whole that should be in the top of the premade ornament. You might want to alternate between red ribbon and green ribbon. You can braid the two ribbons together to get an even better effect.

DIY Snow Globes

With the holidays just around the corner, these simple snow globes are a great DIY project for the whole family. Whether you give them as gifts or use them for your own decoration purposes, these customized globes add a special touch to the holiday season, and they give you the opportunity to recycle old glass.

Please note that some of these steps do require adult supervision if younger children are going to be involved.

What you need

  • An empty jar, with a lid
  • Waterproof cement
  • Glitter
  • Water
  • A personal item or trinket

What to do

Making these snow globes couldn’t be easier. The first process is that you need to prepare the jar. Make sure that the jar itself and the lid are clean and dirt free. Scuff the inside surface of the lid – this is important for the grip of the cement later on. Once you are satisfied that the jar is clean and the lid is ready, mix your waterproof cement. This is fairly straightforward, and the cement itself is cheap. Now comes the customization aspect. Choose a personal item or trinket to form the focal piece of your globe, bearing in mind that it must be waterproof. A toy from the past or small Christmas decorations could work, or even a laminated photography. Place the cement into the lid of the jar, spreading it evenly, and then put the decoration into the cement. This is why the lid needs to be rough – to provide grip for the cement and the decoration. Leave this to dry overnight.

homemade snow globe

Once you are sure that the lid of the jar and the decoration in the cement are well dried, you can progress to the second phase of building your own Christmas snow globe. Fill the jar about 80% full of water, and then add some glitter to the water. If you are doing this for Christmas, then red and green glitter can help add to the festive look. Now for the big test! Screw the jar lid on as normal (i.e. with the decoration upside down). Once it is tightly screwed on, turn the jar upside down, so that the decoration is facing upwards (i.e. on its lid). The pressure of the water and the cement help to create a seal, and you have a beautiful customized snow globe perfect for the festive season.